Staff Profile: Keziah Sampaton


What is your name and where do you come from?  

Hi! My name is Keziah Michal G. Sampaton. I go by the name Keziah, my friends call me Kez and my patients call me Kesha like the TikTok singer. I came from the Philippines!

How did you hear about PO and what made you interested to study it?

I came to know about P&O when I was about to transfer from PT to SPED during my second year in college. Our college secretary asked if I would like to try P&O which I knew little about at the time. I've researched about it and I find it to be very complicated yet very interesting. At first my parents were very worried about transferring to a course which was fairly new in the Philippines but since it sparked my interest in making a huge impact to somebody's life they finally said YES.

What qualification did you receive upon graduation?  Is important to you to have such an internationally recognised qualification?

I graduated from the BSPO program of UERM and got my ISPO Cat I qualification after my post graduate internship. Its important to have an internationally recognized qualification because the certification tells our patients that we have mastered critical elements of our profession and it also serves as an assurance for them that our work is made with quality.

What do you enjoy most about your job?  Can you share an experience that has been special to you in your work?

I love working with my patients especially the pediatric ones at the clinic as most of them I see for review often. I've worked with a very young patient of mine who was wheelchair bound over a year ago and prescribed him a higher profile orthoses that allowed him to be upright and start to be mobile. Together, with the work of allied medical professionals looking into his case, his high profile orthoses are now off and he can now walk with minimal assistance using a lower profile orthoses and he's almost the same height as me! Seeing their growth (literally!) and development made me so proud of what they've achieved and I look forward to what they can do in the future. 

What are your hopes and dreams for PO in the future - for yourself and for Exceed?

I hope that patients and the people of the Philippines would have a better perception of the P&O field. How our field could help them with their after hospitalization care but also with prevention of the latter from happening. In the future, I hope to make P&O be widely accepted as intervention option here in the Philippines that would allow Exceed to be of service in farther areas of the country.