Staff Profile: Toby Hernandez


What is your name and where do you come from? 

I am Isaiah Hector P. Hernandez, CPO but you can call me Toby and I'm from the Philippines.

How did you hear about PO and what made you interested to study it?

I learned about Prosthetics and Orthotics when I was in my 1st year in college at UERM as a Physical Therapy student. The BS Prosthetics and Orthotics program just started in UERM and they were asking PT students who wanted to transfer to the BSPO program. I was one of those who wondered what is P&O and transferred to the program. 

What qualification did you receive upon graduation?  Is important to you to have such an internationally recognised qualification?

I graduated with a Bachelor degree in  Prosthetics and Orthotics at UERM in 2015, I did my ISPO category I exam in 2016 to be a Certified Prosthetist & Orthotics (CPO), As a CPO I'm qualified on treating patients with different orthopedic cases using my knowledge in biomechanics and more importantly in anatomy and physiology.

What do you enjoy most about your job?  Can you share an experience that has been special to you in your work?

As a Prosthetist & Orthotist its really heart warming to see how your patients smile while taking their first step again after being disabled. I still remember my first ever patient she was already 68 years old and she lost her leg because of Diabetes. She was really looking forward in getting a leg so that she can go out with her grandchildren. Now I have seen her in the streets walking her grandchild to school. 

What are your hopes and dreams for PO in the future - for yourself and for Exceed?

In the Philippines people have little to no knowledge about PWDs and how can prosthetic or orthotic device help this person. In the future I hope people will be aware of PWDs in the community and they are our equal in everything. I hope they understand that P&O interventions goes a long way for PWDs.