Exceed P&O – No Ordinary Business

Exceed P&O is no ordinary business. It is part of Exceed Social Enterprises, a young social business which is working to transform Prosthetics and Orthotics (P&O) provision in Southeast Asia and Sri Lanka. P&O services are in short-supply in these areas, as 80% of people who need them can’t get them.

As a social business, Exceed P&O will use its profits to change things for the better. Every Exceed P&O customer makes a difference, as your support will help us to provide more P&O services and make sure that people who live in poverty aren’t left behind. 

Read on to find out how it works.

 Exceed P&O runs private clinics providing ‘high end’ P&O services for people who choose to use this type of facility. The important point is that profits made by Exceed P&O are used to expand the P&O sector and fund charitable P&O services for people with disabilities who live in poverty. These charitable services are provided by our sister organisation, Exceed Worldwide, an NGO working in Cambodia, Sri Lanka, Indonesia, the Philippines and Myanmar.

In short, people who choose Exceed P&O are helping to transform P&O service provision, in an inclusive way, in their own countries and across the region. This is an innovative development and a good thing.



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