Our Products



We recognise that client needs and desired outcomes from prosthetics can evolve over time relating to lifestyle changes and other developments. We always ensure that the best solution is achieved for the client to ensure mobility, independence and confidence is restored.

Hip: Using devices which create more natural movement and improved flexibility, whilst ensuring confidence and security in every step.

Lower Limb: Offering a wide range of foot, ankle, knee and above the knee prosthetics, providing the strength and flexibility required to meet a range of client needs and activities.

Upper Limb: Providing a range of hand, below the elbow and above the elbow prosthetic solutions which give clients a better choice over the critical factors such as functionality, power and finish - including customised silicone finishes for a realistic look.

Specialist Devices: Including sports/skiing, robotics/micro-processors and water resistant devices.




A range of devices which help to align, support, strengthen, isolate or assist movement and relieve pressure and pain from joints for conditions such as club foot, osteoarthritis, polio, spinal injury, cerebral palsy, scoliosis and stroke.

Head & Spinal: Head, neck and spinal braces and supports to isolate or assist movement and relieve pressure and pain.

Lower Limb: A range of foot, ankle and knee devices offering both ‘locked’ solutions and assisted movement options for joints.

Upper Limb: Arm and shoulder braces to assist with pain management after stroke, or due to injury.

Footwear: We offer a range of comfortable and supportive footwear for diabetics and for conditions such as club foot.


We offer an extensive range of manual, powered and sports wheelchairs and specialist seating for a range of client needs. 

We know that the right wheelchair or seating can make a huge difference to comfort, activity level and to quality, and enjoyment, of life. At Exceed P&O we believe in the importance of finding the assistive device to best support and aid the client.



Other Products

To complement the range of prosthetics, orthotics and wheelchairs which provide, we also stock a number of alternative products. 

These include walking aids (walkers, canes etc), diabetic shoes and insoles, stump socks and specialist skin care products for amputees.