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When you choose Exceed P&O, you will come first and will benefit from a full range of professional P&O services.

Exceed Prosthetic & Orthotic services draw on the skills of 3 main groups of professionals:

  • Prosthetist Orthotists, who assess your needs, design, fit and adjust to ensure that you get the most from your Exceed assistive device

  • Technicians, who manufacture and maintain the custom made assistive devices

  • Physiotherapists, who work to help you find the best way to use your body and maximise your strengths as you use your new Exceed assistive device


Exceed Prosthetist Orthotists are professionally-trained and qualified to international standards. Excellence in customer service is a priority for all Exceed staff.

With Exceed you will access:

  • Professional assessment of your condition and needs
  • Information and informed advice and guidance to help you make good choices

  • A full range of assistive devices

  • Provision, manufacture, fitting and adjustment of devices

  • Gait training

  • Physiotherapy

  • Device repair and replacement

  • Referral to other medical professionals, if required


Exceed P&O CAN PROVIDE a wide range of high quality assistive devices across a broad price range.

The price of your Exceed assistive device includes the cost of assessment, materials, manufacturing, fitting, professional skills and access to high quality after-care to achieve the best possible outcome in terms of mobility, function, comfort and appearance.