Exceed P&O is a Social Enterprise.

Exceed P&O is the commercial arm of Exceed Worldwide, a development organisation which has worked in South and Southeast Asia since 1989 – visit www.exceed-worldwide.org to find out more, or watch the video below.

Social Enterprise provides the means for profits from Exceed P&O to be used to support the development work of Exceed Worldwide. This means that profits are used for social benefit and to sustain high quality services, NOT for the personal profit of shareholders or others.

Exceed P&O profits are used by Exceed Worldwide to provide prosthetic and orthotic services for people with disabilities living in poverty in South and Southeast Asia.



Exceed Worldwide (known as ‘Exceed’) is a development organisation that started work in Cambodia in 1989.  With partners, Exceed has established five schools of prosthetics and orthotics in South and Southeast Asia. 

These schools and associated physical rehabilitation clinics  train young people from these regions  to international standards and provide free prosthetic and orthotic services to people with disabilities in Cambodia, Sri Lanka, the Philippines, Indonesia and Myanmar.


Traditional sources of funding for development work are declining. Exceed Worldwide has responded by developing a new  social enterprise, which includes Exceed P&O private clinics , as a new source of funds.   

Profits from Exceed P&O will be re-invested in  Exceed Worldwide, to secure  the long-term sustainability of its  services for people who have a disability and live in poverty.

អ៊ុ៊ិចស៊ុ៊ីដ ភ៊ី អូជាអាជ៊ីរមមជួយសង្គម



អ៊ុ៊ិចស៊ុ៊ីដ ភ៊ី អូដាំសណើរោរសោយស្ថា ប្័នសប្បរសធម៏មួយដដលសៅថា អ៊ុ៊ិច ស៊ុ៊ីដវលដ័ វាយ ដដលបានសធវើោរសៅអាស៊ុ៊ីអាសេេយ៏ន៊ិង្អាស៊ុ៊ីខាង្ តបូង្តាំង្ព៊ីឆ្េ ាំ១៩៨៩ សូមចូលសវប្ ស្ថយ www.exceed-worldwide.org សដើមប៊ីទទួលពតមា៏ នប្ដនាម