Staff Profile: Karla Quilicot


1)  What is your name and where do you come from?  

Hi, my name is Karla from Philippines.

2)  How did you hear about PO and what made you interested to study it?

When I am still a student, the PSPO Director came to our classroom and invited us for the PO program. What interests me in the program is it teaches students how to evaluate patients to determine their needs and the evaluation helps in deciding which device is appropriate for their clients' situation. Then once the evaluation is done, the PO will design, fabricate, and fit the device to the patient. Because of this program, I wanted to do the same in my career.

3)  What qualification did you receive upon graduation?  Is important to you to have such an internationally recognised qualification?

Upon graduation, I receive the Bachelor of Science in Prosthetics and Orthotics and  Category 1 ISPO Certifications. It's very important as I know I'm a qualified PO clinician for my job and clients will know they will receive qualified PO services for their situation.

4)  What do you enjoy most about your job?  Can you share an experience that has been special to you in your work?

I enjoy interviewing and evaluating the clients that I encounter which helps me decide the appropriate prosthetic or orthotic devices for their situation. I also enjoy designing and manufacturing the devices appropriate for them. 

I remember fitting a wrist-hand-orthosis or hand splint which I designed for my client's case and the client was happy that I made the splint comfortable to wear at the same time doing its function for his situation. It makes me happy that the design I made for my client will help him in his condition.

5)  What are your hopes and dreams for PO in the future - for yourself and for Exceed?

I hope to establish our qualified PO services in the Philippines for those clients who require these type services.